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UPDATE November 25, 2020

Problematic delays with shipping to the USA via Deutsche Post.

Unfortunately, some packages that were shipped 4 to 5 weeks ago are still on their way to the USA. It seems that Deutsche Post, the shipping company I use for free international shipping, and with whom I have never had any problems before, have significant delays in shipping to the USA. Nearly 70% of the last packages have already been delivered, but there are still some on the way, and I deeply apologize for that.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 Deutsche Post (German Postal Service) had completely stopped international shipping to the USA, but since September 15th it was possible again, so it says on their website:

At this time, transport capacities to the US are considerably reduced. In light of this, special measures are required in order to maintain mail and parcel service. Please note that effective September 15, 2020, we will ship some products to the US via ocean freight until further notice. As a result, very lengthy transit times of at least 25 to 30 days should be expected. For destinations in the western United States or in remote regions, the transit time may be considerably longer.

To my disappointment, some packages have been in transit for more than 30 days, and the tracking number has not been updated since sending. According to Deutsche Post customer service, this is due to the fact that ocean freight takes the longest time to ship and the tracking ID is not updated until the package arrives in the USA.
Customers who are still waiting for their package: I ask if you could wait until December 6th to see if your package arrives, if there is still no tracking ID update, I will be happy to offer that I send your package again via UPS Express (3-5 working days shipping time) or refund the order completely.

Due to these problems with the German Postal Service, from today onwards, all worldwide orders will be shipped FREE of charge via UPS Express. Please note that I have always used UPS for my express order deliveries and have never had any problems with them whatsoever. Though please note, express deliveries can not be sent to PO Boxes.